Tuesday, July 3, 2012

GTA San Andreas Cars

NASCAR is something that only the true fans will understand. We will always have hecklers and people that will rise the anger in us by criticizing our favorite sport. NASCAR is something that takes dignity to understand. Many people can and will just turn on the television and promptly say "oh look at the boring race, all they do is race in a circle all day." While they do race in a circle most of a time, they do a lot more! NASCAR is a sport!

NASCAR is a real sport because it takes effort, dedication, planning, and sponsors to name a few. NASCAR drivers spend endless hours testing and tuning their cars for optimum performance so that they can win and earn money to continue their struggle to the top of the points and one day win the championship. NASCAR isn't just a Saturday and Sunday pass time, it's something of loud engines, fast cars, and neck to neck traffic that arises the NASCAR fan in all of us.

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